Section / Rule Number   Content
101 Petition for winding-up
102 Admission of petition and directions as to advertisement
103 Petition by a contingent or prospective creditor
104 Copy of petition to be furnished
105 Advertisement of petition
106 Application for leave to withdraw petition
107 Substitution of creditor or partner for original petitioner
108 Procedure on substitution
109 Affidavit-in-opposition
110 Affidavit in reply
111 Appointment of Provisional Liquidator
112 Rules and procedures applicable to Provisional Liquidator
113 Costs, etc. of Provisional Liquidator
114 Notice to Liquidator of order
115 Contents of winding-up order and order appointing Provisional Liquidator
116 Order to be sent to Liquidator and form of order
117 Summons for directions to be taken out by the Liquidator
118 Directions on making the winding-up order
119 Advertisement of the order
120 Form of proceedings after winding up order is made
121 Application for stay of winding up proceedings
122 Application for leave to commence or continue or transfer suits or proceedings
123 Notice to submit statement
124 Application by Liquidator appointed by Tribunal
125 Preparation of statement of affairs
126 Form of the statement
127 Extension of time for submitting statement
128 Partners and Officers of LLP to attend and give information
129 Duty of person making or concurring in statement
130 Default in complying with rule 28
131 LLP Liquidator in voluntary winding-up to submit statement
132 Report by Liquidator
133 Inspection of statement and report
134 Further report by Liquidator
135 Consideration of report(s) by the Tribunal
136 Summons for direction to be taken out by Liquidator
173174 Times Visited